International Product Liability in a Global Business Environment: Ethical and Legal Perspectives for Business Managers
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Research on Key Factors Impacting Process Sustainability in Global Companies
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How Do Romanian Consumers Perceive Organic Food? A Market Review
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Digitalization Progresses in European Catching-up Countries –The case of Romania
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Perspectives on Big Data and Business Intelligence Technologies in the Context of Audit Tasks
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Wind Energy – An Opportunity for also Small and Medium Investors
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Big Data – A New Tool Shaping the Future of the Tourism Industry
Adina-Gabriela Croitoru, Andreea Manoliu

Innovative and Sustainable Business Models in Digital Higher Education: A Comparative Analysis of Global Reach MOOCs Platforms
Mariana Drăgușin, Dianne H.B. Welsh

Social Media – Key Issue of Quality Services in Global Economy
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Quality and Performance by Resource Control Strenghtening
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Consumer Behaviour Research on Air Transport Services Price in order to Maintain the Sustainability
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Digital Music Consumption Behaviour of Young Romanian Consumers
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Requirements towards Sustainable Future Urban Mobility in Germany
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Econometric Analysis of Seasonality in Tourism Activity: Romania vs. Bulgaria
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Role of Human Resources in Creating Customer Culture of Quality
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Re-modelling the Healthcare System using Two Poles –Quality of Healthcare Services and Patient Satisfaction
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Are Romanians Attracted to Turkish Bakery Products? A Consumer Based Approach Developed on Entrepreneurial Premises
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Analysis of the Effects of the Corporate Strategy to Performance in Business
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A Case Study on Effectiveness of Organisational Structures under the Effect of Globalization
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Portfolio Diversification Potential on Capital Returns of Albanian Banks, before and after the 2008 Financial Crisis
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The Current State of Alternative Investments in Renewable Energies of Institutional Investors in Germany
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Analyzing the Culture Consumers at the Territorial Level by the Principal Component Method
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Analyzing "the Workforce Cost" and "the Net Nominal Earnings" in the Main Economic Activities, by Principal Component Analysis
Marioara Mirea, Kamer-Ainur Aivaz

A Study of the Impact of Investments in Economic Value of the Firm in International Competition
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An Analysis of the Consumer Behaviour in Romania from the Card Payment Perspective
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Further Applied Techniques on Food Packaging and Labelling
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The New Generic Top Level Domains – Real Innovation or Just Another Gold Rush?
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Real Estate Taxation System in Albania and Challenges for a European Fiscal System
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Modelling Urban Economic Development through Heritage Tourism Spatial Analysis
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Observing Patients’Rights, between Perception and Reality
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Household Budget Survey, a Key Issue of Albanian Statistical System
Besa Shahini

Study of the Importance of SMEs for the German Market and Their Current Challenges
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Economical Impact of New Technologies on the Agri-Food Production
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Online Shopping – Macro-trends at the Level of the EU Countries
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Linking Innovation to Business Models: The Case of Lego
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Agile Management Based on Modularization of Products and Processes
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Approaches regarding the Return Policy of Online Retailers
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Arguments Supporting the Introduction of Edible Insects in European Food Consumption
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Customer Orientation by Combined CRM and Entrepreneurial Marketing at SMEs
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New Approaches regarding Indicators at Global Level
Paul Vasile Zai

How Internet of Things Technology Can Help the Retail Industry in Driving Business Process Innovation
Vlad Zamfirescu, Natalia Bob, Cristian-Eugen Luchian

E-labour Platforms Streamlining the Process Right Person For Right Job
Ecaterina Daniela Zeca