Globalization and technological advances are shaping a new economy, accelerating societal changes, and raising sustainability concerns. The shock caused by the Covid-19 pandemic to the world economy and society has led to important changes in production methods, business models, ways of working, consumption and ways of life. It is foreseeable that many of these changes will leave their mark on the New normal after the pandemic is over, bringing new opportunities and new threats. It has become pressing to make responsible choices about the future. More than ever, researchers’ contribution is needed in identifying new trends, assessing their implications, providing new paradigms and practical solutions, informing policy makers and business leaders, as well as in accelerating new knowledge dissemination. At its seventh annual edition, the international conference "New trends in sustainable business and consumption" provides a platform for sharing researchers’ most recent findings and ideas about the transformative impact of new business practices and consumption behaviors on the economy. Organizers of BASIQ 2021 conference invite researchers to submit contributions in form of original research papers, case studies or essays, in particular on the following topics:

  • technological and social innovation for sustainable business
  • energy transitioning to sustainability
  • travel and tourism resilience and sustainability challenges
  • innovation for sustainable agri-food chains
  • new and sustainable agribusiness management models
  • responsible consumption and production
  • constructing modern knowledge: competency-based education and new ways of capacity building

Interdisciplinary and cross section contributions are welcomed.


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