Case study and analysis for a sustainable quality management in a university library
Cristina Albu, Narcisa Valter, Adriana Cristian, Mioara Duca

New trends of businesses digitalization in Romania and the behaviour young consumers
Armenia Androniceanu , Sorin Burlacu , Irina Virginia Drăgulanescu, Elena Ecaterina Nicolae

Corporate social responsibility and economic and financial performance of an enterprise
Raluca Antoneac (Călin), Carmen Elena Dobrotă

Green asset management – A revolution?
Ann-Kathrin Arp, Jan Kiehne , Timm Schüler

The role of leaders in the convergence of training programs with the organizational strategies: a conceptual study
Rahil Asadi

Functions of leadership in convergence the training programs with the organizational strategies
Liana Badea

The potential held by value-creating networks – a study on the Romanian beer industry
Laura Bădițoiu (Păun), Daniel Bădițoiu

Sustainability in Romanian banking: a promising new business model or ”business as usual”?
Daniel Badulescu, Alina Badulescu, Radu Alin Morutan

Teaching sustainability in tourism. A research among Romanian master stuents in Business Administration
Daniel Badulescu, Alina Badulescu, Csaba Csintalan

Constraints of the Romanian banking system development – An interview-based study
Claudia Gabriela Baicu, Olimpia Stat, Delia Popescu, Daniel Bulin

Sustainable strategy of implementing IPR management in Mergers & Acquisitions
Adrian Bercovici, Gabriela Stanciulescu, Elisa Gotesman Bercovici

Sustainability as foundation for practical application. Considerations from and for information technology sector
Markus Bodemann, Ana-Maria Verjel, Gregor Weber

Research on the modularization strategy as a key factor for the sustainability in a global company
Melanie Buchmüller, Bastian Heinemann, Michael Studeny, Steffen Lange

Students’ perceptions and attitudes on the impact of the coaching course
Mihaela Bucur, Carmen Țurlea, Eugeniu Țurlea and Cristinel Vasiliu

Quality assurance in the teacher training programs at university teacher training departments. Case study: Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Corina Cace, Maria Liana Lacatus, Camelia Staiculescu

Organic cotton products: an answer to a more sensitive demand to environmental, healthy and ethical issue
Grazia Calabrò, Simone Vieri

Study on how startup assistance organizations evaluate new venture support program performance
Ioana Ceaușu, Marieta Olaru, Gregor Weber and Markus Bodemann

The importance of fiscal and budgetary responsibility in Romania and in Europe
Oana Valentina Cercelaru, Dragoș Diamescu, Otilia Florentina Chiriță

The counseling and career guidance centers role for education and professional decisions
Răzvan Ion Chitescu , Adriana Grigorescu, Marius Lixandru

Behavioral antecedents for enhancing green customer loyalty in retail
Dan-Cristian Dabija, Brîndușa Bejan

Manipulating social monitoring data for tourism strategies
Liviu Dediu, Irina Maiorescu

Spreadsheet engineering education: how to improve it? Case of Serbia
Lena Đorđević, Milica Jovanović, Minja Marinović, Uroš Šošević

Global sourcing and repatriating of the relocated companies in Italy
Irina Virginia Drăgulanescu, Armenia Androniceanu, Narcisa Valter

Longevity/silver economy and senior entrepreneurship: the case of Romania
Mariana Drăgușin, Mirela Octavia Sîrbu, Raluca Mariana Grosu, Alina-Elena Iosif

Nudging tourists in protected areas: breakthrough strategy for developing eco-sustainable goods and services
Gianluca Felicetti, Andreea Fortuna Șchiopu

Competition for innovation in the financial software industry – a research on hackathons
Ilie Constantin Florea, Oana Alexandra Vochin, Lilian Ciachir, Claus Peter Nagel-Picioruş

SWOT analysis in the Styrian Volcanic Region – enterprises and tourism
Astrid Fortmüller, Raphael Murswieck and Matthias Dünnweber

Technologicaly enhanced relationship marketing by using modern autonomous conversational agents
Andreas Fruth, Monica Nicoleta Neacșu, Iuliana Cetină, Gheorghe Orzan

Study on the business risk as a result of a performant claim management in multinational companies
Roxana Maria Gavril, Doru-Alexandru Pleșea, Christian Hell, Ana-Maria Verjel

Development of a modified technology acceptance model for an innovative car sharing concept with self-driving cars
Wiebke Geldmacher, Vanessa Just, Jan Kopia, Andreas Kompalla

The importance of the supply chain in the marketing perspective
Bogdan Georgescu, Daniel Moise, Ionel Dumitru, Mihai Felea

Further insights into tourism supply and demand patterns of European countries
Simona Ghiță, Cristina Boboc

Sustainable universities in German speaking countries – an overview
Nina Golowko, Ulrike S. Förster-Metz (Förster-Pastor)

Evaluation of outsourcing performances a study of outsourcing in the area/field of NGOs
Elisa Gotesman Bercovici, Alexandra Mateiu (Sârbu), Adrian Bercovici

European map of labour market trends related to payroll – productivity
Adriana Grigorescu, Arina Mihaela Niculescu

Classification and overview of common management practices for the implementation of sustainability in European enterprises
Christian Richard Hell, Laurențiu Tăchiciu, Roxana Maria Gavril, Nina Golowko

Ethical tourism consumption behavior among students studying tourism in Romania
Remus Ion Hornoiu, Mihail Ovidiu Tănase, Andreea Fortuna Șchiopu

Contributions to the sustainable development of Romania’s tourism brand
Irina Iosub, Otilia-Elena Platon, Monica-Nicoleta Neacșu, Andreas Fruth

Current challenges for the Romanian academia. May entrepreneurship be a lifeline?
Nicolae Istudor, Raluca Mariana Grosu

Employee IT satisfaction latent factors evaluation using technology acceptance model in mandatory
Gabriel Jipa

Implementing Industrie 4.0 strategies: beyond technical innovations
Jan Kiehne, Marieta Olaru

The importance of a well defined corporate governance
Steffen Lange, Melanie Buchmüller, Bastian Heinemann, Andreas Kompalla

Management practices in new creative industries
Cristian-Eugen Luchian, Margareta Stela Florescu, Iuliana Luchian

Literature review on integrated management systems
Iuliana Luchian, Cristian-Eugen Luchian

Integrating innovation into business strategy in the context of a service-led economy
Dorin Maier, Irmer Sven, Mircea Sandru, Andreea Maier…

Fast food restaurants: the new social arena of urban young people
Irina Maiorescu, Teodor Mihai Negrea, Dorin Vicențiu Popescu, Gabriel Cristian Sabou…

Disruptive innovations, their characteristics and implications on economy and people
Katrin Marquardt, Vanessa Just, Wiebke Geldmacher, Marc Sommer

Research on using FMEA as a risk assessment method in order to reduce risk handling costs
Ruxandra Maria Mateescu (Bejinariu), Vasile Dinu, Mihaela Maftei

Quantitative aspects of Romania’s exports by destination and the category of exported goods
Marioara Mirea, Kamer-Ainur Aivaz

Factorial correspondences in the tourism services provided to the population in Romania
Ionela Munteanu Florea, Kamer-Ainur Aivaz

Issues related to the real salary income index in public and private sectors
Ionela Munteanu Florea, Marioara Mirea

The state of different types of renewable energy sources in Poland
Magdalena Muradin, Monika Maciupa, Robert Bocianowski, Zenon Foltynowicz

The impact of legislation on the Romanian tourism sector
Manuela Liliana Mureșan, Puiu Nistoreanu

Exploration and assessment of digital technologies’ importance and adoption along the value-added chain
Raphaël G.D. Murswieck, Jens Geldmacher, Matthias Dünnweber, Carsten Kirschner

Opportunities and challenges of the Internet of Things related to consumer
Cristian Bogdan Onete, Doru Alexandru Pleșea, Irina Albăstroiu

The connection between “post-truth” social media and the quality of products and services
Bogdan Cristian Onete, Denisa Elena Vlad, Lelia Voinea

A complex scientific attempt on innovation from a multilevel perspective
Rodica Pamfilie, Juozas Ruzevicius, Robert Bumbac

New distribution strategies: challenges and opportunities
Dorel Mihai Paraschiv, Ioan Popa, Mihaela Gabriela Belu,Ramona Iulia Dieaconescu

EGARCH versus PARCH approach in modeling developed and underdeveloped stock markets
Andreea-Cristina Petrică, Stelian Stancu, Virgil Ghițulescu

Methodology and perspectives of value judgments in economics on equilibrium
Grigore Ioan Piroșcă

Undestanding the sharing economy: how collaborative consumption is changing the rules of business
Veronica Popovici, Elena Condrea, Anca Stanciu, Alina Popovici

Determinants of international migration for growth from Europe 2020 perspective
Elena-Maria Prada, Cătălin-Ionuț Silvestru, Ramona-Camelia Silvestru (Bere), Ernuț Lupescu

Application of project management methods in the bid process to improve the hit rate using the example of a plant engineering and construction company
Manfred Rauch, Mathias Scheiblich, Ioana Ceaușu, Melanie Buchmüller

Consumer protection in the context of competition and globalization
Ana-Maria Iulia Şanta

Measures and activities for development of innovative rural tourism in Romania
Valentin-Cosmin Sărăcin, Ilona-Elena-Cristina Țîrcă

Discrimination in leadership: myth or reality!?
Andreea Simona Săseanu, Sorin George Toma, Daniel Ion Zgură, Anca Gabriela Ilie

Cultural and economic aspects of promoting Romanian traditional gastronomy
Smaranda Simoni, Flavia Teodoroiu, Mădălina-Lavinia Țală, Gabriela Țigu

The new leadership trend – using the right hemisphere for business administration
Ionela Gabriela Solomon

Comparison of different possibilities of succeeding a family business in Germany
Marc Sommer, Katrin Marquardt, Elham Dadfar

Quality and innovation in the context of sustainable development
Anca Cristina Stanciu, Elena Condrea, Veronica Popovici

Could a complaining European consumer be happy?
Silvius Stanciu, Roxana Sârbu, Antonia Cristiana Enache

An analysis of the Romanian market of higher education
Silvius Stanciu, Roxana Sârbu, Raluca Crina Bucur

The importance of energy and energy resources in economic theory, with special emphasis on renewable energy sources
Ljiljana Stosic Mihajlovic, Marija Mihajlovic

Renewable energy development opportunity as small and medium enterprises in view of the economic, social and environmental sustainability
Ljiljana Stosic Mihajlovic, Jevtic Petronije, Marija Mihajlovic

Scrutinizing the future of the economy
Laurențiu Tăchiciu, Vasile Dinu, Gheorghe Săvoiu

Study of cross-cultural challenges in the international business administration
Ildikó-Csilla Takács

Benchmarking – the instrument for quality assurance in higher education
Gabriel-Iulian Tănase, Marian Velica, Răzvan Ion Chitescu

Financial performance key value situation by crude oil price fluctuation
Adrian Tanțău, Khorshidi Mohammadreza, Sadeghi Mojarad Ali Asghar

The reflection of spiritual capital in e-business
Ioana Teodorescu, Sonia Budz

Organic vs conventional food. A sustainable consumption approach
Maria–Alexandra Toma, Magdalena Bobe, Roxana Procopie

Embedding innovation in business models: the case of Honda Motor Company
Sorin-George Toma, Andreea Săseanu

Work life balance among Romanian employees: an empirical study
Claudia-Elena Țuclea, Gabriela Țigu, Mădălina-Lavinia Țală, Maria-Cristina Iorgulescu

Challenges in managing IT innovation and developing consumer and business value on new markets: case study – social gaming on the Chinese market
Andra Vasilcovschi, Smaranda Giușcă

Graduate students satisfaction of business administration bachelor’s program
Cristinel Vasiliu, Irina Albăstroiu, Răzvan Dina

Leveraging business relationships as SMEs internationalization drivers
Elena-Mădălina Vătămănescu, Vlad-Andrei Alexandru, Bogdan Gabriel Nistoreanu

Romanian youth intention for studying abroad and returning dilemma in actual economic context
Magdalena Velciu, Liliana Grecu, Adriana Grigorescu

Study on factors affecting the performance of SMEs within the context of a sustainable business
Ana-Maria Verjel, Mihaela Maftei, Astrid Fortmüller, Cristian Ilie

Improving efficiency by implementing HR shared services
Oana Alexandra Vochin, Lilian Ciachir, Ilie Constantin Florea, Claus Peter Nagel-Picioruș

Applied cognitive computing: enhancing business processes with cognitive components to better manage complexity
Vlad Zamfirescu, Natalia Bob