Culinary Habits, Between Tradition and Change. Case Study: Romanians in Parma, Italy
Laetitia Casangiu

Literature Review on the Nonfinancial Reporting of the State-Owned Enterprises
Mădălina Dumitru, Valentin-Florentin Dumitru

The Relationship Between Gender Equality, Women Empowerment and Sustainable Development
Hend Hassan.

Teaching Staff and School Population: Major Trends in Romania's Pre-University Education System
Monica Logofătu, Adrian Cosman, Sorin Tudor, Elena Cristina Cernătescu

Pre-University Education System in the EU: Relevant Features of Its Teaching Staff
Adrian Cosman, Monica Logofătu, Gabriel Ioan Avrămescu, Sorin Tudor

Integrative Approaches of Business Ethics, Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
Michael Marian Nicolescu, Claudiu George Bocean, Anca Antoaneta Vărzaru

Ethics and Disclosure of Accounting, Financial and Social Information Within Listed Companies. Evidence From the Bucharest Stock Exchange
Michael Marian Nicolescu, Anca Antoaneta Vărzaru

Value Management Principles’ Extension for Suppliers, as Major Company’s Stakeholder
Mária Ďurišová, Dana Kušnírová, Eva Malichová

The Relationship Between the CEO Characteristics and the Financial Performance of the Romanian Banking System
Mariana Bunea

Marketing Developments in the Sharing Economy
Mihai Constantin Răzvan Barbu, Cătălin Mihail Barbu, Dragoș Laurențiu Diaconescu

Initial Thoughts on the Impact of Robotic Process Automation on the Accounting Department
Valentin-Florentin Dumitru, Simona Marilena Stănculescu

The Improvement of Management Accounting and Calculation Methods in Tourism and Public Alimentation Activity
Eugeniu Țurlea, Luminița-Georgiana Achim, Ioan-Codruț Țurlea

Luxury Fashion Consumption among Teenagers: Attitude and Purchase Intent
Andreea-Ionela Puiu

Agricultural Practices to Improve Soil Quality From the Perspective of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Lavinia Popescu, Adela Sorinela Safta

Perceptions of the Students in the Tourism Specialisations Regarding the Effectiveness of the Educational Process and Their Preparation for theTouris m Sector
Geanina Brînză, Alexandru Anichiti, Gina Ionela Butnaru

Corporate Governance and Audit Practices, Firm Level Indicators. Evidence From Emerging Europe
Paula-Andreea Terinte

What Is the Cost of Raising a Child?
Valeria Vannoni, Adriana Manolică, Teodora Roman, Gabriela Boldureanu

The Profile of the Organic Food Consumer in Romania: A Review
Mihai Stoica

Analysis of the Factors That Influence Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare
Mihai Mehedințu, Roxana Voicu, Mihai Stoica, Alina Filip

Corruption and Its Impact on Entrepreneurship
Mihaela-Sorina Dumitrescu, Dorel Paraschiv, Maria Nițu, Ioan-Radu Petrariu

Corporate Governance of the Largest European Banks
Oana Marina Bătae, Liliana Feleagă, Bogdan-Ștefan Ionescu

Romania: Two Distinct Financial Periods and the Same Management Errors
Adriana Grigorescu, Denisa-Atena Costovici (Mema)

Global Digital Economy. Blockchain Technology and Public Administrations
Adriana Grigorescu, Andra-Nicoleta Bortea

Sustainable Events, the Gateway for Online Events
Daniel Moise, Amelia Diaconu, Svetlana Platagea Gombos, Silviu Diaconu

The Impact of Digitization on the Labor Market Paths and Development Opportunities
Roxana Sârbu, Ghenadie Ciobanu, Maria Loredana Popescu, Victor Adrian Troacă

The Sustainability Paradigm of Value and Entropic Approach of Economic Systems in the Ideas of Paul Bran
Carmen Valentina Rădulescu, Florina Bran, Dumitru Alexandru Bodislav, Sorin Burlacu

Public Policy in the Areas of Environment and Energy
Dumitru Alexandru Bodislav, Carmen Valentina Radulescu, Florina Bran, Sorin Burlacu

The Urbanization in the Context of Sustainable Development
Marius Constantin Profiroiu, Mihaela Diana Oancea Negescu, Sorin Petrică Angheluță, Petruț Cristian Vasilache

Aspects of Waste Management in the European Union
Sorin Petrică Angheluță, Irina Elena Petrescu, Marcela Antoneta Niculescu, Elena Rusalca Velicu

Globalization of Financial Systems in Emerging Countries
Mihaela Diana Negescu Oancea, Ovidiu Cristian Andrei Buzoianu, Valentin Lazăr, Cristina Dima

Demographic Characteristics of Employees as Work Engagement Predictors: Case Study of Serbia
Ana Nešić, Slavica Mitrović Veljković, Maja Meško, Tine Bertnocel

Determinants of Persistent Poverty in the EU Countries
Simona-Roxana Ulman, Cristina Căutișanu

Convenience Stores Targeting Alpha Generation Children as Their Important Influence in Shopping Decision
Andreea Strătilă (Irimia)

Digital Development Dynamics in Russia in 2015 – 2018
Sergey Petrov, Mikhail Maslov, Alexey Karpovich

Sharing Economy and Entrepreneurship: A Case Study from Romania
Cristian Negruțiu, Vasile Dinu, Cristinel Vasiliu, Ruxandra Bădescu

Product Differentiation Influence in the Cournot, Bertrand and Hierarchical Stackelberg Duopolies
Ciprian Rusescu, Mihai Daniel Roman

Machine Learning for Financial Applications – a Mini-Review
Claudiu Clement

The Analysis of Rural Communities in Bucovina
Petronela Tudorache

Are All Romanian Entrepreneurs Alike? Findings From the GEM 2015 Survey
Adrian Oțoiu

How CSR Programs Affect Employees' Happiness. A Literature Survey
Alina-Alexandra Gorovei

Mapping Uncertainty: Machine Learning to Act Humanly?
Alexandru Corduneanu

Mergers as Ways of Increasing Equity for Shareholders on the Long Term
Anca-Simona Hromei

Digital Trends in Audit
Ovidiu Dragoș Tofan…

The Particular Case of the Kirznerian Entrepreneur. A Focus on the International Market
Anca Elena Lungu

Comparing E-Learning Platforms from the Perspective of Facilitating Active and Collaborative Learning
Ioana Andreea Bogoslov, Radu Mircea Georgescu

The Evolution and the Impact of Corruption at the EU Level
Maria Nițu, Daniela Ioana Manea, Mihaela-Sorina Dumitrescu, Mihai Savin

Review of Marketing Strategies Used by Electricity Suppliers in the Household Retail Markets
Alexandru Maxim
The Integrated Reporting and Its Adoption Perspectives in the European Union
Bogdan-Dumitru Coșofreț

Aspects of Consumers’ Behavior of Online Scientific Information in the Academic Environment
Cristina Albu

Stakeholder Prioritization in European Companies
Bogdan Ștefan Ionescu, Liliana Feleagă, Oana Marina Bătae

Managerial Current Issues in the Context of Organizational Behaviour in Tourism
Mădălina Lavinia Țală, Olimpia State

Understanding Sustainable Tourism Choices. A European Network Case Study
Anamaria Vrabie

Understanding Urban Mobility Choices. A Romanian Field Study
Anamaria Vrabie

Gender Typologies on European Labour Market
Cristina Boboc, Simona Ghiță, Andrada Olteanu, Valentina Vasile

The Importance of the Regional Operational Program in the Regional Development of Romania
Vasile-Ionel Popescu, Bogdan Georgescu, Irina Albăstroiu, Liviu-Constantin Popescu

Investigating the Impact of Organizational Culture on Information Technology Governance
Ion Smeureanu, Bassel Diab

Organizational Change Strategies for Developing Sustainable Business
Ildikó-Csilla Takács

Revenue and Expenditure Budget, Instrument of Financial Management
Carmen Țurlea, Maria Rafaela Cazazian, Marian Valentin Moldoveanu

New European Union Green Deal in Tough Times of COVID-19 Plague
Zenon Foltynowicz

Extra Kilograms and Overweight as Economic Threats
Raluca-Ecaterina Brandabur, Daniel Moise, Bogdan Georgescu, Mihai Adrian Felea

The Effects of the Fear of Failure on the Success in the Business Environment
Cristina Mariana Ene (Vasile), Cosmin Viziniuc, Mariana Vasilica Bigea

Small and Medium Enterprises Incentives in Corporate Social Responsibility Practices Regarding Education in the North-Western Region of Romania
Tomina Săveanu, Casiana Ille, Daniel Bădulescu

Economic Trends and Entrepreneurial Activity
Cristian G. Terza

Drivers of the Evolution of the Corporate Social Responsibility: Country Aspect
Elena Matveeva

Entrepreneurial Education, Information Technology and Communication, Innovation
Alina-Andreea Marin, Andreea Chițimiea

Trends for Sustainable Agribusiness and Agrofood Consumption in Romania
Ioana Panait, Marian Cătălin Cucu

Implementing Net Promoter Score in the Public Sector Organizations
Oana Alexandra Vochin, Maria-Alexandra Sârbu, Silvius Stanciu, Jiries Mansour

Hosting Mega-Sport Events – Costs and Benefits for Russia
Iuliana Pop, Daniel Bulin, Adrian Lucian Kanovici, Laura Brad

Basic Tourism Concepts in Romania
Iuliana Pop, Claudia Rodica Popescu, Luciana-Floriana Holostencu, Delia Popescu

Crossing the Chasm From Divergence to Convergence in an Enlarged European Union
Dumitru Miron, Ana-Maria Holobiuc

Sustainable Cross – Cultural Business Between Romania & Japan in the Automotive Industry
Cristina Veith

Rethinking the Impact of Crowdfunders on Economic Success of Companies
Peter Konhäusner

Digital Innovation in the Health Sector – a Determinant of Health Status. Records in the EU
Mihaela Mihai, Emilia Țițan, Daniela-Ioana Manea, Crina-Dana Ionescu

Airlines Sustainable Business Models
Casandra Venera Pietreanu, Sorin Eugen Zaharia, Adina Petruța Pavel

Pesticides in Agriculture
Alina Stancu, Radu Antohe, Martin Dorin, Denisa Rădulescu

Challenges for Entrepreneurs Amidst the COVID-19
Mihaela Cornelia Dan, Simona Irina Goia (Agoston)

Comparative Preliminary Study Regarding the Quantification of Fiscal
Pressure at the Level of VAT on the Example of Some European Countries

Raluca Andreea Ghețu, Ionela Butu, Adriana Elena Porumboiu,Petre Brezeanu.

Determining International Competitiveness Through Comparative Advantage at Regional Level – Instrument in Designing Regional Strategy. Study Case: Central Region, Romania
Ionela Gavrilă-Paven

Best Practices of Nongovernmental Organisations in Combatting COVID-19
Marcela-Sefora Nemțeanu, Dan-Cristian Dabija

Assessment of the Environmental Reporting Practices of the Companies Indexed in the GRI Database
Alexandra-Oana Marinescu

Early Childhood Education for Sustainability Entrepreneurship
Ioana Marin, Maria Ioncică, Andreea Marin-Pantelescu

IMO 2020: Enviromental and Economic Impact
Adrian Istrate Scrădeanu, Andrei Cepoi, Enas Aboura, Mihaela Bucur

Couple Roles in Wine Purchase Decisions - A Study of Bulgarian Residents
Petyo Boshnakov, Georgi Marinov, Irina Kancheva

New Technologies in the 21st Century - Adoption, Acceptance and Impact on Business Models
Dragoș Tohănean, Ioana Ceaușu, Laurențiu Tăchiciu, Ștefan Tohănean

Clustering Analysis on News From Health OSINT Data Regarding Coronavirus-Covid 19
Alexandru Daia, Stelian Stancu, Alexandru Vladoi, Constantin Ionescu-Tîrgoviște.

The Relationship Between E-Learning and Sustainability. The Blog as a Future E-Learning Tool
Bogdan Cristian Onete, Sonia Budz, Vanesa Mădălina Vargas, Sandra Diana Chița

Econometric Modeling of Intelligent Reporting
Rodica Pripoaie, Riana Iren Radu, Andrei-Mirel Florea, Oana Daniela Lupoae

Does the Network Affect Firms’ Performance? The Case of Italian Agri-Food Sector
Valeria Vannoni, Gabriela Boldureanu, Teodora Roman, Daniel Boldureanu

Determinants of Green Product Buying Decision Among Romanian Consumers
Mirela Diaconescu, Mihaela Constantinescu, Claudia-Elena Țuclea, Mihai Diaconescu

Challenges of Transition From a Compliance-Based Logic to One Based on Proactivity. The Contribution of New Trade Balances at the Level of Romania Generating Prosperity
Dumitru Miron, Ioana Coralia Zavera

How Attractive Can a Job in Sales Be? A Business Students’ Evaluation
Diana-Maria Vrânceanu, Mirela Diaconescu, Mihai Diaconescu, Vlad Diaconescu

A Neuroscientific Approach on the Impact of Information Overload on Consumers’ Attention
Corina Pelău, Ruxandra Bădescu, Cristian Negruțiu

Consumer’s Perception Towards the Characteristics of Artificial Intelligence
Irina Ene, Irina Bojescu

Consumers’ Perception on Data Storage and Browsing History Depending on Their Demographic Characteristics
Mihaela Stănescu, Miruna Niculescu

The Influence of the Internal Managerial Control on the Corporate Governance Within the Public Entities
Silvia Mioara Ilie (Troi), Aurеl Dinc

Major Trends in the Development of Airports From Central and Eastern Europe and Baltic Countries
Sorin Eugen Zaharia, Casandra Venera Pietreanu, Adina Petruța Pavel, Ruxandra Elena Boc

Social Media as a Tool for Increasing Business Competitiveness
Răzvan Dina, Lelia Voinea, Dorin Vicențiu Popescu, Teodor Mihai Negrea

Physicians’ Migration From Romania. Recent Evidence From Administrative Data
Simona-Andreea Apostu, Monica Roman, Valentina Vasile

Skills and Competences Pyramid V. Study Programs
Cristina Vasilica Icociu, Nicolae Postăvaru, Mihnea Costoiu, Tiberiu G. Dobrescu, Cătălin Ionuț Silvestru

The Evolution of Agricultural Cooperatives in Romania
Andrei-Mirel Florea, Florentin Bercu, Riana Iren Radu, Oana Iuliana Mihai

Case Study on the Connection Between the Structure of the Management Systems and the Performance of the Banking Entities in Romania
Cristina Elena Bigioi, Adrian Doru Bigioi

Quality Management in the Tourism Sector in Transylvania
Corina Aurora Marin (Barbu), Valentina IrenaTudoran (Niculiță), Elena Condrea

Entrepreneurial Competences in the Training of Future Technicians in Economic Activities
Victor-Marian Dumitrache, Iulian Gole, Petronela-Evelina Bălu, Florentina-Olivia Bălu

Transition to a Circular Economy - Strategies and Progress
Gabriela Iuliana (Ganea) Paraschiv, Ștefania - Rodica (Anghel) Hubel, Ana Maria Dumitrache (Șerbănescu

Urban Agglomerations in the Perspective of Sustainable Tourism Development- Strategy and Financing Possibilities
Ștefania - Rodica (Anghel) Hubel, Gabriela Iuliana (Ganea) Paraschiv, Panait Anghel

Risks and Opportunities of Digital Platforms for Scaling Business Models
Pablo Valentin Weiss, Benjamin Grab

Email Subject Lines Analysis for High Open Rate in Email Marketing
Codrin Teiu

Personal Branding vs. National Identity
Mihai Ioan Roșca, Angela Madan

The Use of Hashtags to Promote Sustainability
Bogdan Cristian Onete, Sandra Diana Chița, Doru Alexandru Pleşea, Vanesa Mădălina Vargas

Interconnection of Information and Communication Technologies as a RIS3 Key Priority and Innovation
Ivana Bestvina Bukvić, Ivo Mijoč, Maja Haršanji

Two Years Analysis of Romanian Counties From Agricultural Activities and GDP per Capita Point of View
Ionela-Cătălina Zamfir

Strategies for Using Nitrates to Improve Soil Performance and Soil C Sequestration
Lavinia Popescu, Adela Sorinela Safta

Monitoring Transformation of Bioeconomy Entrepreneurship in Romania
Steliana Rodino, Alina Butu, Carmen Gheorghe, Marian Butu

How to Apply Self-Management Principles in the Context of Digital Transformation
Benjamin Grab, Marieta Olaru, Mihaela Maftei, Ioana Surugiu

The Beer Market in Romania. Situation and Outlook
Dumitrache Bogdan Bratoveanu, Marius Daniel Nicula, Roxana Sârbu, Silvius Stanciu

China's Transition to a Knowledge Economy Institutional Mechanisms, Public Policies and Private Investment
Adrian Bazavan

Sustainable Businesses Enhanced Through Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence in the Context of Industry 4.0
Bianca Ioana Dumitrescu, Alexandru-Ilie Buzatu

Leadership Changes in Organizations During Crisis Sars-Cov-2 2020 Case
Andrei Cepoi, Adrian Istrate Scrădeanu, Cristinel Vasiliu

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Alternatives to Synthetic/Chemical Pesticides
Alina Stancu, Nicolae Suvorov, Lăcrămioara Dracea, Daniela Mărăcine

Value Transformation: From Internal Capabilities to Blockchain-Based Business Models
Luciana-Floriana Holostencu

Study on Information Security Management System and Business Continuity Management in the Context of the Global Crisis
Georg Sven Lampe, Mihaela Maftei, Ioana Surugiu, Răzvan Cristian Ionescu

A Study on Factors Influencing Sustainable Entrepreneurship in European Union Countries
Teodora Elena Fogoros, Dorin Maier, Adrian Iordache, Gabriela Elena Bițan

A Study on Information Security Impact on the Delivery of IT Managed
Răzvan Cristian Ionescu, Marieta Olaru, Georg Sven Lampe, Teodora Elena Fogoros

Possibilities for Improving of Supply Chain Performance in the Context of Sustainable Development
Youssef Hassani, Gabriela Elena Biţan, Rodica Ştefănescu (Lupu)

Agricultural Market in the Republic of Moldova. Challenges and Development Perspectives
Mihaela Munteanu Pila

Senior Entrepreneurship in Romania: A Quantitative Approach
Raluca Mariana Grosu, Mariana Drăgușin

Towards a Romania With Low Carbon Emissions
George Marian Călin, Andreea Antoneac (Lungu)

Digital Teaching in Romania During COVID 19
Cristina Veith

Feminine Leadership in Science and Education
Andreea Simona Săseanu, Simona Ioana Ghiţă, Sorin George Toma, Cristina Rodica Boboc

Food Waste in the Hospitality Industry in Italian and Romanian Experience
Vera Amicarelli, Alina Cerasela Avram, Christian Bux, Giovanni Lagioia, Rodica Pamfilie

Food Security and Food Waste during Covid-19 Pandemic
Vera Amicarelli, Christian Bux

Eye-Tracking Experiment Regarding Visual and Textual Stimuli for Celebrity Endorsement
Laura Lazăr, Adriana Opriș

Consumers’ Perception on Fake News
Corina Pelău, Mihai Ionuț Pop

Books in Time of Pandemia: Romania, One Way Again – From Paper to Internet?
Bogdan Hrib

Would Smart Solutions Lead to Sustainability Within University?
Irina Maiorescu, Gabriel Cristian Sabou, Răzvan Daniel Zota

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Informal Sector Entrepreneurship vs Employment
Cristian Marinescu

Connectedness of Stock Markets in Eastern and Central Europe
Alexandru Vlădoi, Alexandru Daia

Increasing the Competitiveness of the Fishing Sector in Moldova. Research on New Fish Feeding Schemes
Mihaela Munteanu Pila

Industrial Heritage Touristic Capitalization in a Historical Town
Mădălina Nicoleta Frînculeasa, Răzvan Ion Chițescu

Scientific Information and the Internet in the Modern Educational Context
Răzvan Ion Chițescu, Mădălina Nicoleta Frînculeasa, Daniela Băiaşu

Case Study on Healthcare Reporting
Iulia Oana Florea, Liliana Nicodim

Financing the Organic Farming Sector in the European Union - the Challenge of the Common Agricultural Policy
Carmen-Elena Dobrotă, Carmen-Mihaela Boteanu, Elena-Daniela Rebega

Cruising Industry: Sustainability Performance and Social Responsibility
Carmen Florentina Vlăsceanu, Gabriela Țigu

Competitiveness in Global Hospitality and Cruising Industry
Carmen Florentina Vlăsceanu, Gabriela Țigu

The Food Supplements Market is Evolving: What are the Issues in Romania?
Magdalena Bobe, Roxana Procopie, Maria Alexandra Toma

Tourism - History, Statistics and Reality
Puiu Nistoreanu, Shahrazad Hadad

Innovation in the Food Sector: Modeling the Future of Food Security
Magdalena Bobe, Maria-Alexandra Toma, Robert Bumbac, Alexandru Jurconi

Top-Management Impact Factors Preventing Turnaround Processes
Jörg Bothe, Dorin Maier, Robert Bumbac

Slow Tourism in the View of the Researchers
Georgică Gheorghe, Andreea Marin-Pantelescu

An Insight Into Green Practices and Eco-Labels in the Hotel Industry
Maria-Cristina Iorgulescu

Perception on a Career in Tourism: The Case of Business and Tourism Students
Maria-Cristina Iorgulescu, Olimpia State, Mihail Ovidiu Tănase

Statistical Techniques for Analyzing the Impact of the Macroeconomic Determinants of Foreign Tourism Demands in Romania
Calcedonia Enache, Sonia Budz, Mirela-Octavia Sîrbu, Daniel Zgură

Is There Any More Space for the Cooperatives Into the Romanian Market?
Alina-Elena Iosif, Sonia Capelli, Mirela Octavia Sîrbu…

The Telemedicine and ICT as Tool to Improve the Local Healthcare
Matteo Rivezzi, Caterina Tricase, Roberto Leonardo Rana…

Analysis of the Labour Force in the Most Two Inhabited Regions from Romania – South-Muntenia and North-East
Maria-Floriana Popescu, Bogdan-Cristian Chiripuci

Coronavirus Pandemic – Leverage for Cybercrime
Daniel Dumitru, Tiberiu Ion

Detecting Plant Diseases Using Deep Learning Architectures
Lucian Vîlcea, Marian Dârdală

Mining Social Media to Identify the Immediate Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Romanian Retailers: Early Findings
Adriana Reveiu, Denis-Cătălin Arghir

Chocolate, a Global Business
Sorin-George Toma, Andreea Simona Săseanu

Money Laundering Measurement. Microeconomic And Macroeconomic Approaches
Iulia Oana Florea

From Growth, to Chaos, to Uncertainty: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on European Tourism
Jacqueline-Nathalie Harba, Mihaela Parteca, Stelian Bujduveanu.

A Case Study of Business Model Innovation: Building Value Through Gamification
Rodica Pamfilie, Roxana Procopie, Smaranda Giușcă, Andra Vasilcovschi

The Food-Loop: Tackling Sustainability Issues Through a Normative Approach. A Breakfast-Buffet Case Study
Alina Maria Vieriu, Andreea Fortuna Șchiopu

A New Clients’ Paradigm in Professional Auditing Services Firms. Can the Auditor – Auditee Relationship Survive?
Șerban Toader

Tourism fiscal and monetary policies adjustments during COVID-19 pandemic
Oana-Diana Crîșmariu, Ionela Butu, Adrian Bogdan Curteanu, Iulian Tenie

Possible Use of ICT in Agriculture for a Sustainable Development
Georgeta-Mădălina Meghișan-Toma, Vasile Cosmin Nicula